[EN] SMART FABRIC – Workshop

Barbara LAYNE was invited to the EESI to hold a workshop about textile, science and art. This american artist met us the 28the october, and worked with us for four days. After learning the electronic basics and how transform hard-leg in soft-leg for the electronic components, we worked on our own project.

I started working with a sub-buffer. I had the idea that the vibration would act like a switch, making the light (LEDs) vibrate to.

      • The vibration is a physic sensation which talk directly to the body, it sound but also light. Make the vibration visible.
      • When things are moving, they seem to be alive. Immobility is sign of death.

There are my first will. I create tree threads using one LED, one resistor and one metallic pearl which act like a switch. Then I create a surface on the top of the sub-buffer which have to vibrate with the sub-buffer, have to not-cover the sound, and be conductive too.

The first attempt was made only using aluminum on the top of the buffer and like “pearl” to test the circuit and installation.

The sound have to be really bass and “deep”. I chose a bass drum and constructed my sound with an EQ, augmenting the bass-frequency and cutting  the high-frequency, a delay and a tempo.

Without the delay the sound remind a footstep, and with the delay/echo it sounds like a hearth-beat. The best tempo is around 60-90 bpm.

The result is quite encouraging. And now I have to finalize the design, the space and the talk which go together.



“Le son m’évoque le bruit des pas du Tyranosaure dans Jurassic Park, avec l’eau qui bouge et qui a été réalisé grâce à un ampli. Et quand j’imagine l’installation dans le noir, ces petites lumière me font penser à des lucioles. Le contraste est très intéressant” – Amaury TROUVE, DSNEP5 à l’EESIP, face au prototype de test le 30 Oct.

“The randomness in this piece is really interessting. Each time the sub is vibrating you will not get the same result for the LEDs. Sometimes one is lightin-up, sometimes two or three. Each LED has is own character.” – Barbara LAYNE, artist, idem.


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