[EN] Démo Fantômes

During the first semester of the second year I participated to a master class with Etienne Cliquet (his website) who made us work with screen recorder software. This master class was really important because it’s my first collective exhibition as an art student.

I worked on two subjects. The first one is a mix between speed-painting and speed-coding, because I worked with Processing. Processing use codes to create artistic programs but I used it to draw a représentation of a Kandinsky painting. Indeed Kandinsky painted respecting some process so Processing appeared to be the best software to work with. But Processing is not a software ase Gimp, or Photoshop, to draw on computer.

The video was 2000 times speed up, there came the title Kandinsky rencontre Processing 2000 (Kandinsky meet Processing 2000)

– – –

The other subject was GoogleTranslate and the language. I was reading Edward Thomas Hall book’s Dance of Life. In this book he presents his idea which says that culture has an impact about our life, our représentation of time, etc. and of course our language or I wanted to show that GoogleTranslate can’t applied this fact in his process.

He made three videos with GoogleTranslate working on different approachs.


France-Japon dialogue équilibré (France-Japan balanced speech) shows how GoogleTranslate can’t consider the context. I started with a simple sentence in French translate into Japanase. This sentence is once again translate from Japanese to French. This pattern until the sentences were always the same.

– – –

Tour du Monde Linguistique  (Linguistic Globe-Trotting) shows how the sentences lose their meaning by different translating. I used the list of language offers by GoogleTranslate from French to French, but the results sentence don’t mean something.

– – –

Les Proverbes (The Adages) was created to show that culture isn’t consider by GoogleTransalate. On my point of view the adages are really related to the culture and GoogleTransalate seems to be reffered to any culture so it can’t translate correctly the sentences. I worked with French and Japanese because we don’t share a common culture, and because Japanese is also a language that interest me of course.


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