[EN] Hi, Dance !

Svetlana ZEHNDER, Hi, dance! (video for the documentation), 2012, two seperated spaces, two projections, two systems to film the perfomer and spectators in the space, two computer with skype video conversation, Festival [à corps], Poitiers, FRANCE

– – –

This piece was created after we met François CHAIGNAUD and Cécilia BENGOLEA. They proposed during a weekend an event in the TAP (the national scene in Poitiers, FRANCE) where the occupied the whole structure with performance and dance. Our group had to take information, sensation, impression, photos, films, etc. from this event and create a piece for the festival two month later. I decided to work on the sensation I had during the party, how people met to dance together and about the image. Because F.C. and C.B. came with the voguing and clubing world!

Does the image of the body be enough to create an exchange with some else ? Could I, using only my image, create a dialogue with someone who is not in the same space as me ? How I create an exchange with somebody who is only an image ?
These questions are mostly engaged in our new lifestyle where we meet everyone, from eerywhere on facebook and other social network. Moreover, I  wanted to make people who came to see a dance performance dancing too.

The spectator enter in a space where some club music and light are display. He is facing a screen where a performer start to dance and offer to the spectator to dance with him. “Is this a video ? a game ?” No matters what is it, a communication, a game is starting.

Because this piece is ludic I recieved some goods encouragement by the public and some artists as François CHAIGNAUD.

– – –

References :

  • Jérôme BEL, The show must go on, 2007, MAC Lyon
  • Thierry Fournier, Step to step, 2008, Ecole des BA, Rennes

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